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At Raviga, we see the big picture. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We not only think outside of the box, we think outside of the box that box is in — and so on — until innovation is free of all boxes that would contain and constrain it. In this way, we seek to disrupt the very concept of disruption itself.

Meet the Team


Too many funds have for too long overplayed their hands by micromanaging investments, and treating CEOs as expendable.

Progressive entrepreneur Peter Gregory sought to put founders back where they belonged, where people believed the Earth was before Galileo: at the center of the universe.

And so Peter made these core commitments to our investors and founders:


Raviga is proud to have a diverse portfolio, covering a wide range of sectors.

Top investment sectors

*those investments whose principles seem to contradict the laws of physics as they are currently understood

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The Team

Our team has decades of experience working with founders at the earliest stages of the start-up’s journey. Helping them form these firms. Guiding them in recruiting the talent and forging the strategic partnerships they will need to bring ideas to market. And in the case of marijuana-related startups, helping them navigate the complex and contradictory webs of local, state and national laws.

Ed Chen, Managing Director

A rising star at Raviga, Ed Chen rapidly moved up the ranks from Associate Partner to Managing Director. Ed is best known for his impeccable instincts and confident negotiating style. Ed earned his B.A. in Economics at UC Berkeley, and got his M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

While you are most likely to find him making deals late into the night, on weekends Ed’s a lacrosse coach for Menlo Park’s at-risk youth. Ed finds giving back can be just as satisfying as landing the Valley’s sexiest start-up. Ed blows off steam with regular doses of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, has trouble turning down an old fashioned and cigar at the Battery, and can’t go a day without a carne asada burrito paired with a protein and almond milk power smoothie. #TeamTB12

Ronald Laflamme, Outside Counsel

Attorney Ron LaFlamme J.D., has served as legal counsel for Raviga for the past four years. Prior to this, he was with Bickwell, Fromstein and Beauregard in San Francisco. He graduated from UCLA, and was first in his class at Yale Law. In his spare time Ron plays bass in the Jackson Browne tribute band, Lawyers in Love.

Evan Spiridakis, Administrator

Evan is the Administrator and Chief Office Manager at Raviga. He received a B.S. in Communication Science from UNC Chapel Hill. Evan takes pride in managing the everyday minutiae of office life at Raviga, and knows that even the smallest tasks can make a big difference. He pioneered the 2013 switch between Evian and a new bio-activated alkaline water from Belizean streams, that at first was somewhat controversial in the office, but was ultimately accepted.


Raviga’s legacy is inextricably tied up with that of our founder: Peter Gregory.
Peter was a visionary pioneer, admired by most, respected by all, and friend to several. The lasting impact he had on both the technology industry and the world will never be forgotten.

PETER GREGORY, Founder( 1966-2014 )

Born in Pittsburgh, Penn., died in Kenya
Cornell, HBS, Caltech
Innovator. Visionary. Philanthropist. Libertarian. Expert fencer. Building implosion enthusiast.
Survived by his sister Jennifer, nieces Melissa and Kimberly, and Lando Pugrissian, his beloved Pug/Boston Terrier mix

Arallon, Peter’s Passion Project

Peter believed that the future of our species lay where all species once began: the ocean. Until his passing, Peter worked tirelessly pioneering Arallon, an experimental community that would help humanity develop its full potential.

He strongly believed there were new ways to govern, and that there could be positive, drastic changes in the way we live, work, and play. With all land on earth claimed, Peter maintained change would have to take place on, and sometimes beneath, the surface of our planet’s oceans. (The meaning of the latter remains unclear.) Thus, Peter engaged top engineers and architects, and began by converting a disused oil rig in the middle of the Pacific as the foundation for the vibrant future community he envisioned. Sadly, he did not live to see his dream become a reality.